About Us

Our Story

Welcome to our Passion

At Moreish Series, we understand the need for healthy alternatives. Which is why we have created premium natural CBD products for those who want to improve their lifestyle and live better. We are committed to benefiting your health and wellbeing through the power of nature! We can't wait to share all of our incredible products with our customers, both present and future. 

Our Journey

Our exploration of CBD began after a personal journey into the natural benefits of hemp. Initially the mention of CBD was a little unnerving with its close connection to cannabis. However, through advanced research into its origins and uses, this association was soon demythed. Having tried a few brands which were effective, the learning and discovery of this gorgeously natural ingredient began.

Our Principles

We like to do the simple things well, which means that we strip everything back to the bare essentials. Forget fancy sounding phrases or artificial chemicals, we focus on high quality botanical and mineral ingredients. See for yourself and let our products impress you!

Our Goal

As a team we are passionate about the benefits of CBD and striving to make it accessible to all. We aspire to become the top THC Free CBD brand, bringing our customers a natural product that they can trust and love as much as we do.

Our Products

All of our formulas are original, created from scratch, and tested by us, on real people and never on animals. We make it our mission to seek only the most gorgeous, natural and certified organic products on the market. Our products are tailored for your wellbeing and all of our ingredients have been specially chosen to bring unique benefits to the product. All of our products are also proven 100% safe.
The quality of our products is guaranteed by our reliable sourcing, and extensive in-house and third party laboratory testing to ensure it is THC Free!


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